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The Mission Of ACH

Is to help people expand their consciousness through various techniques and become aware of the healing powers they possess. ACH aims to make every individual capable of self-healing. So, apart from the one on one sessions with me, ACH also conducts workshops from time to time to help people understand more about their multidimensional energy bodies and how they can access them. 


Once people realize that they are spiritual beings having a human experience, their perception of the way they look at their problems, changes. This allows people to have more choice. A choice is the only thing that can create various realities.


The vision is to teach young ones the nature of Consciousness and the power it wields to manifest abilities in you such as Psychokinesis, Telepathy, Psychic abilities, Mediumship or Channeling abilities, etc. We are passionate to help people understand that there is more to this reality than the bleakness of a 3D reality.

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If you are committed to changing your life and healing your past, then you have come to the right place. Be it depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, or any other issues you may be battling, Teja Priyadarshini, our Akashic Cosmic Guide, can help you figure out the root causes of these issues and help you heal from your wounds.

Remember, suppressed emotions are what cause physical ailments. With Transcendental Healing Therapy you can now release pent-up emotions and energy blocks that do not allow you to live your best life.

If you are looking for guidance, information or validations, then the Akashic Records session is the one for you. Learn the answers to your questions as Teja Priyadarshini channels the information for you from the Akashic Records Keepers & Guides.

The Body is a Conscious Being and can store emotions from traumas or suppressed emotions. Through our Transcendental Journeying workshops, learn how you can release these deep-rooted emotions from the body and open yourself up to new possibilities.

Check out our Transcendental Healing Therapies, Akashic Records Sessions and Transcendental Journeying Sessions for more details.


"I am here to help you have more ease and joy in your life by removing any energetic blocks or limiting beliefs that do not serve your highest purpose."

- Teja Priyadarshini

Aakashic Cosmic Healing

Some of the people I have had the privilege to help have had wonderful things to share about their experiences in a session with me. You can see them in the Testimonials section of this website.